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We all know what it’s like; you need something done on your website — and done right — but you don’t have the time, resources, personnel or expertise to accomplish it. And when you need it done yesterday, it’s almost impossible to find strong web developers that don’t involve you paying an arm and a leg. It’s frustrating, to say the least.


But what if you could just write down exactly what you need, hand it over to a team of experts and get it done right the first time? What if you could find a service that charges you a single fee upfront with no moving of the goalpost?


What if you could hire some of the industry’s top experts for just $50 an hour?


Mr. Marketing is here for you!

Local SEO: It’s What We Do!

At Mr. Marketing, we’re all about providing solutions that work for our clients in ways that other companies simply don’t offer.

Here’s our process

You write down — in detail — exactly what you want done; this is where you express your vision

Our team examines your tasks and plans fulfillment

We create a firm quote with the number of hours needed to complete those tasks

If you accept our quote, then you get an invoice and this invoice is paid upfront

We do the work and deliver it in a timely manner with absolutely no added charges or hidden costs

The quality of our work is always guaranteed!

The Mr. Marketing Guarantee

When you write down exactly what you need for your website, that’s exactly what we’ll do for you. That’s why we suggest you express your goals with as much detail as possible so our team can give you the best possible results!

What if the Problem/Task is too Difficult?

We are a highly experienced web development and internet marketing company with successful clients across many industries. We would never take a job unless we felt confident we could do it. Although it might be possible for a large Company or Internet Marketing Agency to present us with a problem that was possible to solve, but Mr. Marketing did not have the expertise or team to handle it, this has not occurred yet and at this point we have almost seen it all. So send us your most difficult problem, we love a good challenge!


And it’s all done at the very reasonable price of $50 an hour with a rock-solid, guaranteed quote from us!

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