Brilliant A.I. that effortlessly finds the right prospects so you can close more deals than you ever have before.


Learn how it automatically generates leads for you below:

Automatically Find Prospects

Linked Magic® works with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find exactly the precise prospects you are looking for supporting the most complex searches.

Be In Two Places At Once

Linked Magic® shows prospects you are online and looking at their profiles. This builds credibility and trust so they can know you are really interested in them and not just some robot.

Gather Contact Information

Linked Magic® augments the data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator such as the email address and phone number using third party data companies.

Automated Outreach

Linked Magic® conducts outreach campaigns. It sends a custom connection request, it sends a thank you message 1 day later, and then it sends a 7 day follow up asking for phone call/meeting.

Seamless Transition To You

AI powered Linked Magic® stops automation when the prospect responds to you, then you work the lead, a completely natural transition seamless to the prospect.

Nurture Custom Built Lists

You can now build custom advertising and email campaigns to prospects since you have all of the information you need.


We created Linked Magic® to generate more leads for you on LinkedIn than you have ever had before, without having to spend hours upon hours conducting outreach and research. While Linked Magic® does most of the work for you, we should be clear that this is a full managed service, not a standalone product that you must manage and grow on your own.

We understand that with time, your business goals and strategies may change. As such, we adjust your Linked Magic® strategy accordingly, without you having to log in and do anything on your own. This way, you can save time and focus on implementing your new strategy. For instance, if you have a new service that caters to potential connections in an industry that we’re not already targeting in your Linked Magic® campaign, let us know, and we can alter how the app works for you.

If at any point a reply occurs during automated outreach, Linked Magic® halts messaging and lets you take over, so you can steer the conversation in any direction that you choose. If you have had an influx of new business leads and want to put automated outreach on hold while you convert those leads to sales, you have the power to do so. Because we customize how our LinkedIn outreach app works for every client, we can slow or stop connection requests whenever you like.

Linked Magic® is a LinkedIn lead generation app that not only automates outreach but pulls valuable data from new connections on LinkedIn. We acquire cell phone numbers and email addresses that we provide to you for use in email marketing campaigns and other advertising initiatives through third-party data mining companies.