Keyword Targeting

Keyword Targeting - Mr. Marketing
The first step is to identify the root words that your target audience may use on Google in their potential search phrases. By identifying and prioritizing the most popular phrases used by the target audience and including them on your website landing pages, Google + business page, directory profiles, social profiles, and blogs, our campaign will show Google relevance and prominence for those key phrases used by the target audience. In essence, we mold your website and your brand’s web presence to align them with your target audience.

Onsite SEO

ON Site SEO - Mr. Marketing
Our onsite strategy is based on years of experience developing successful websites that perform on Google. We also take direction from, and, and They don’t tell you how to rank #1 for all of your keywords, but they are quite clear about their evolving expectations for your website and we work extremely hard to xceed those expectations. Onsite excellence is a distinguishing factor that can often be the difference between ranking #1 vs. ranking #11. Our clients benefit from our extensive research and development division that constantly tests the changing landscape on Google for best results. The IDX software and mobile web app that powers our real estate sites represents the leading technology in the real estate industry. It was designed specifically to make the IDX content accessible to Google and to provide a terrific experience for your prospective customers on any browser or mobile device they might be using to search listings.

Web Content

Each Month we will write up to 10 new pieces of content such as onsite pages (such as City or Neighborhood landing pages) or blog posts. Content is planned (with our client), researched, written, proofread, and published based on the needs of the client and their regional target audience.


GeoMarketing - Mr. Marketing
Our Directory API, Yext, allows us to manage and enhance your most important business listings in real time and works with the 50 most popular directories such as,,,, and many more. We also manually create and manage business listings with your name, address, phone number, website, business description, and hours of operation on 100 prominent local business directories that are not part of Yext’s network. We also submit your business to 50 niche real estate directories.


Google+ Plus - Mr. Marketing
Each Month we make 50 or more posts to your Google+ Local Business page. We always use description keywords in our hashtags to ensure Google knows more about your business and how it serves your customers. We run a marketing campaign to increase your Google + Local Business page’s followers and +1s with our comprehensive Google+ strategy.


Blogging - Mr. Marketing
Each Month we draw from your allowance of up to 10 new pieces of content to publish onsite blog posts as well as offsite blog posts on,, and

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking - Mr. Marketing
Based on our extensive research, we promote your business on the most influential and popular social bookmarking websites. By utilizing these popular sites we draw Google’s attention to recently published pages and blog posts.

Event Marketing

Event Marketing - Mr. Marketing
We will promote any Open House or Event you host by listing it on local newspaper sites specific to your City (an example for our Charleston, SC clients would be, event sites such as, and social sites such as Google + and Facebook. By publishing real events you can obtain links from high profile sites that link back to your home page, or event landing page.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing - Mr. Marketing
We can take the video file such as a live tour video of a property and upload it to,,, and many other video sites. We manually mark up the video as opposed to automated distribution solutions used by our competitors. By using advanced video search engine optimization techniques we can ensure maximum exposure in search results. Video is a powerful and compelling medium to connect with your target audience and on all of the sites where your video is published the page will link back to your website.

Email Marketing

We have written a 30 email drip campaign. We can upload these emails to a CRM of your choice and configure the campaign to send to new subscribers and existing leads. Real Estate can have a long sales cycle, a powerful drip campaign can keep your name in front of your audience and nurture more leads into sales.

Zillow, Trulia, and Profile Optimization

Developing your Agent profiles will strengthen your brand and presence on the most popular real estate websites in the World. Your profiles will stand apart from your competitors’ with an extensive biography, reviews, and advice on community forums that show your expertise on a diverse range of topics. Profile optimization will improve your keyword rankings on Google as well as your ranking on,, and when someone searches for an agent in your City.


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