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Keyword Targeting

Keywords help Google and your prospective customers find your business website.  Effective SEO strategy requires planning and careful research to prioritize the keywords within your website content.  As a Company we are aware of our clients’ keywords in everything we do, from web design headlines and image names, to hashtags in social media marketing, we incorporate them into all aspects of the internet marketing campaign.


Google is the largest site on the web and it is at the center of our thinking at Mr. Marketing.  We look at keyword targeting, onsite optimization for those keywords, server performance, site structure, and how we can integrate your keywords into your internet marketing such as social media hashtags, blogs, social bookmarks, directory listings, and social profiles.  We are also obsessed with speed and performance so we use Google Webmasters Tools, WEBCEO, and Google’s Page Speed Insights to ensure peak performance.


Social Media Advertising

Given that our target audience spends a significant portion of their lives logged on to either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube, a strong Social Media presence becomes very important for every company. Social sites like Facebook offer a unique opportunity for advertisers called Custom Audiences, this unique targeting empowers advertisers with the ability to restrict the delivery of display ads to only qualified leads.

IDX Feeds

Our Company has extensive experience using all of the IDX vendors.  Mr. Marketing has developed real estate sites for several years using the Diverse Solutions products which we are convinced is the best IDX product in the industry.  We can show you how to leverage dynamic IDX content and SEO strategy to generate buyer leads.

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After only 4 years WooCommerce has captured more than a fourth of the E-Commerce market share, and it’s easy to see why, the admin dashboard is easy to use, it’s perfect for SEO, offers the best mobile user experience, and the list just goes on and on.  Let us show you the endless possibilities to take your online store further.  Data entry, content writing, and WooCommerce SEO are just a few of the ways we can help.


Sometimes Companies and Marketing Agencies just need a little help.  When extremely difficult web development problems cannot be solved with internal resources, at that point it just makes business sense to find an expert.  Let the team at Mr. Marketing take those hard jobs at a low hourly rate, we guarantee the quality of our work.

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Why Mr. MarketingWhy Mr. Marketing? Read client interview on clutch.coWhy Mr. Marketing?Why Mr. Marketing?Why Mr. Marketing?

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