Digital Marketing

Local SEO

Local prospects searching for the product/service your company sells, the cream of the crop. Learn how we leverage Google maps and Google search to grow your business using our unique strategy.

Google Display

By advertising on the Google Display Network you can reach 90% of people on the internet.  The trick is displaying your ads only to those that are qualified and interested in your product/service.  We can show you how to reach your audience with precision and cost-efficiency.

Facebook Display

Facebook’s Custom Audience provides one of the most cost-effective advertising channels on the web. Learn how the combination of data mining and display ads using Custom Audience can drive qualified visitors to your website.

Application Development

Project Plan

Planning is everything in app development!  We have the experience to know exactly what will make your proposed app work best.  Let us bring your vision to life.

Multi-Phase Development

Building an app is dissected into multiple phases in the Project Plan.  Phase 1 is the Web App, Phase 2 is the API, and Phase 3 is the Mobile App.

QA Testing

Even with the best possible Project Plan you can expect issues with the App that cannot be foreseen and that is where extensive QA Testing and refinement will get the App ready for the App store and Play store.

Online Branding

Web Design

It’s your Brand, and first impressions are everything!  We can work with you and your graphic designer to bring your vision to the web.  We are experts in PSD to HTML and repurposing into commercial WordPress themes.

Reputation Management

Your Company’s most valuable asset is your online reputation.  Our Review Manager app makes it easy to get reviews on Google, Facebook, BBB and many others, track your online reviews, and then leverage them on your website for maximum Local SEO performance!

Email Marketing

Interested prospects and previous clients need to be engaged with your Brand and email continues to be a powerful way to stay in touch and let them know what is happening with your company.  Our software ensures they get your email and that it feels personal and not like spam.

FAQs +
Why should my business hire a local SEO company?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical component of any business’s online marketing strategy. These days, people are using Google Maps to find businesses and evaluate them. Therefore, if you aren’t showing up on the first page of search results, you probably aren’t going to get many calls. Hiring a Local SEO Company in Charleston, SC gives you the chance to develop a winning strategy that puts your business front and center.

Can’t I just perform local SEO services myself?

While it’s possible to perform some research on best practices for Local SEO Services, it’s unlikely that you’ll have the bandwidth to perform all the necessary strategic duties that really make SEO work to your advantage. What’s more, a professional Local SEO Firm in Charleston, SC such as Mr. Marketing brings years of experience and tons of expertise to the table.

What makes Mr. Marketing special as a local SEO firm?

We believe we are the best Local SEO Agency in Charleston, SC because we really care about our clients’ needs. We don’t just implement one-size-fits all solutions. We take the time to get to know you and your vision. And then we take a comprehensive approach that leaves no stone unturned in the effort to boost your ability to be seen online. If you’re searching for a Local SEO Firm in Mount Pleasant, SC that can really deliver, we are here for you!

What other services does your local SEO agency provide?

We are more than just a Local SEO Agency in Mount Pleasant,SC. We also handle application development, online branding, web design and much more. This is one of the reasons why our Local SEO Firm is so highly regarded. What’s more, Mr. Marketing gives you an edge by taking advantage of advertising on platforms like Google and Facebook by using precise, cost-efficient and innovative techniques.

Can your local SEO company help with online reputation management, as well?

Definitely! Our Local SEO Agency knows that everything you do to promote your business online is in the service of a strong, positive reputation. We help you reach the top of search results pages, but we also make sure people find the most accurate, positive information.

I understand reviews are crucial for good SEO. How can Mr. Marketing help me get good reviews?

Reviews are essential to your online reputation and search engine optimization, which is why our Local SEO Company developed the cutting-edge, proprietary Review Manager app. With this tool, it becomes easy to get great reviews from your biggest fans through Google, Facebook, BBB and more. If you want to truly maximize the Local SEO Services that you invest in, reviews should be a prominent part of the picture.

Can your local SEO firm help me with email marketing, too?

Yes! Email should be a pillar of your overall marketing campaign, and our Local SEO Company will help you engage powerfully with the public while continuing to add prospects to your list. We will also make sure your messages are crafted in a way that doesn’t get them relegated to the dreaded spam folder!

I need to operate on a strict budget. Can I afford Mr. Marketing as my local SEO agency?

We are happy to work with your business and your budget on a plan that works. Our Local SEO Firm in Charleston, SC is flexible, lean and ready to help get you noticed, whether your marketing budget is big or small. We encourage you to contact us to find out more about what our Local SEO Company can do for you!


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Mr. Marketing started as a side-business for Founder Matthew Rubin. After working agency-side as a SEO Consultant for years Matt was looking to make a name for himself. He saw an opportunity with Local SEO. While the big corporations were moving their SEO efforts in-house, thousands of small businesses were searching for help. Matt started the business out of a spare bedroom and began working with companies in Georgia and South Carolina, this was in addition to his full-time job, mostly doing the clients’ work on nights and Weekends. At the time it was founded the business was called Matthew B. Rubin Marketing Services, LLC, a name that to be honest never really caught on.

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