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Three Pillars of Online Success:


Being found on Google and creating brand awareness with targeted advertising.


How your website looks matters. How your brand is presented across the web matters.


Online reviews, especially on Google can make or break buying decisions.


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Our Mission

TO Help Our Clients Bring Their Vision to the Web, Reduce Their Advertising Costs, Increase Their Leads, and Engage Their New Clients.



SEO Companies, even Local SEO Companies in Charleston, SC, are kind of sleazy, right? How do I know if Mr. Marketing is a trustworthy Agency?

You’re right – there are many companies out there that rely on “black hat” techniques and borderline unethical strategies to get results – and more often than not, these agencies have to close up shop, and their clients suffer as a result. At Mr. Marketing, we pride ourselves on hard work, time-tested strategy, and innovative SEO techniques. Shortcuts aren’t in our digital DNA. With a client roster including significant national brands, 83 five-star Google reviews, and an A+ rating with the BBB, we have built a reputation of excellence in the Internet Marketing industry. We believe that trust is essential for healthy client relationships, and as such, you can trust that Mr. Marketing will always have your businesses’ best interests at heart when you work with us.

What is the difference between Local SEO Services and Local Service Ads?

Local SEO services from Mr. Marketing include placement on Google Maps and improved organic search engine rankings for your business. Our services are backed by years of experience achieving real results for our clients using cutting-edge strategy in the ever-changing world of Search Engine Optimization. Local service ads are Google’s latest pay-per-phone call advertising product. This service is non-exclusive and, despite the expensive price tag, provides mixed results for businesses. We recommend your call our office to discuss the differences between our custom SEO strategies and local service ads from Google.

So once my company is top-ranked in Local SEO for the keywords in my business category, I can just cancel the monthly services and fee?

Ranking at the top of search results is a huge win, but the battle for success isn’t over after this goal is accomplished. As a business owner, you understand that your competition will continue to rise as time goes on. New companies are launched in your industry, and older competitors find new ways to stay relevant. After your company is top ranked in Local SEO, Mr. Marketing continues to work for you through impeccable website presentation and reputation management, ensuring that you stay two steps ahead while your competition struggles to keep up.


Do I need an Agency to do Local SEO services? Can’t I just read Moz and other SEO blogs and do this stuff myself?

While it’s possible for some business owners to add simple SEO elements to their website, it would take years of training and ongoing education to implement an effective SEO campaign. Moz and other such platforms can be suitable for building basic SEO knowledge, but biased writers often produce their user-contributed articles without any real-world SEO experience. Savvy entrepreneurs understand that some services are best left to the experts. That is why so many hardworking men and women trust Mr. Marketing as their Charleston SEO company. At Mr. Marketing, our team highly trained programmers, developers, and Internet Marketing professionals have the experience and know-how to develop a custom SEO strategy for your business, from initial keyword research to ongoing link building long after your business ranks on Google.

I’ve read that Google Reviews play a big part in Local SEO success. Can Mr. Marketing help me with that?

You’re right! Google Reviews DO play a big part in your local SEO success, so much so that we recently introduced Mr. Marketing’s Review Manager – the first comprehensive reputation management app of its kind. With Mr. Marketing’s Review Manager, you have the power to request reviews via SMS and Email, track pending review requests, manage published reviews, and even publish 4 and 5-star Google reviews right to your website with just a few taps on your smart phone. This easy-to-use app will help take your online reputation to the next level, and by proxy boost your company’s online presence so that your business shines while you leave competitors behind.

Once my business is top-ranked in Local SEO, can I cease all the digital advertising I’m doing right now?

Digital advertising works best when paired with passive marketing channels like SEO, which, by nature, can fluctuate from month to month. However, advertising on platforms like Google can be very costly. Mr. Marketing has the tools to run cutting-edge advertisements through programmatic advertising channels that are often less expensive and more effective than running basic ads on Google. Let’s talk today about how we can lower your cost per lead, so you can maximize your ROI without forking over big bucks to run outdated advertising solutions.

My business sells to other companies, not to consumers. Will Local SEO services still be useful for my company?

Local SEO certainly plays a long-term role in your SEO campaign, but we have found that Mr. Marketing’s Linked Magic® and LinkedIn campaigns work incredibly well for B2B companies. If achieving quicker ROI is your goal, adding Linked Magic® to your local SEO campaign is like injecting ultra-premium gas to your already stellar Internet Marketing engine.

After looking at your website, I’m a little confused. Is Mr. Marketing a Local SEO Agency or an applications development firm?

We are proud to say that we are both a successful digital marketing agency as well as an accomplished application development firm, offering clients the most well-rounded, robust solutions under one roof. While others provide access to a single slice of the internet marketing pie, our team of experts works together to prep, bake, and serve up a complete package that satisfies all your marketing needs. From custom SEO campaigns to state-of-the-art applications, only Mr. Marketing puts together the puzzle pieces needed for newfound success in your industry, whether you’re a small niche business or a global franchising organization.

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