Mr. Marketing started as a side-business for Founder Matthew Rubin. After working agency-side as a SEO Consultant for years Matt was looking to make a name for himself. He saw an opportunity with Local SEO. While the big corporations were moving their SEO efforts in-house, thousands of small businesses were searching for help. Matt started the business out of a spare bedroom and began working with companies in Georgia and South Carolina, this was in addition to his full-time job, mostly doing the clients’ work on nights and Weekends. At the time it was founded the business was called Matthew B. Rubin Marketing Services, LLC, a name that to be honest never really caught on.

Mr. Marketing – Mount Pleasant, SC Office

Things Change

Mr. Marketing went through extreme growth in 2012 and 2013, and as the client list and fee volume increased so did the Mr. Marketing team. Google also went through big changes with Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Voice Search, the Knowledge Graph, and more recently with Pigeon, Mobilegeddon, and Rankbrain. As Google’s technology increased so did the market’s need for more sophisticated websites and web applications.

Mr. Marketing – Present Day

As of January 2017, Mr. Marketing has a team of 1 Office Manager, 7 Web Developers, 8 Internet Marketers, and a pool of writers working for franchise, real estate, and e-commerce clients, with offices in Charleston, SC, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Quezon City, Philippines. In addition to running competitive SEO campaigns for clients all over the United States, Mr. Marketing also works on web and mobile application development projects.

Mr. Marketing – Quezon City, Philippines Office

Mr. Marketing – Dhaka, Bangladesh Office