Meet your Digital STRATEGY Coaches

Matthew Rubin, President - Mr. Marketing - Local SEO - Charleston SC
Matt Rubin President

There are more small businesses in America than any other Country on earth. At Mr. Marketing every day we have the opportunity to help small businesses grow into their founder’s vision and create new jobs in the process. Helping small business owners is a passion as much as it is a job and I’ve built a team of people that share that passion. While fulfilling the details of campaigns is not always riveting; the long-term impact of our work is truly gratifying.

Carrie Wagner, Director of Client Relations - Mr. Marketing - Local SEO - Charleston SC
Carrie Wagner Director of Client Relations

Being able to form a relationship and build trust with our clients sets us apart from other digital marketing companies. Our clients always have the luxury to speak to us about their campaign; there are no dashboards to log into or support tickets to be submitted, it’s all good old fashioned person-to-person communication. We are on your team and we are here to help. Quick and eager to respond to requests, we want you to understand and feel as though you are a part of your campaign’s progress. Watching businesses, some built from the ground up, bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue and knowing that we play a role in that success makes this profession exceedingly rewarding.

Cody Griner, Digital Marketing Consultant - Mr. Marketing - Local SEO - Charleston SC
Cody Griner Digital Marketing Consultant

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant who has been in business to business consultation for over 15 years. I have a laser focus on helping other businesses grow by presenting them with innovative ways on how to get their business found and chosen online. I believe that the digital age in which we live has created an environment for digital marketing to be the foundation of every business’s marketing strategy. I seek to approach my clients from an educational stance, in a collaborative format, to help their businesses thrive. I am motivated by the conviction that “the business who fails to market their services will achieve the same results of the gardener who fails to water their vines.”

Meet your Digital Marketing Teams

Mr. Marketing SEO® Dhaka Office - Web & Mobile App Developments - Charleston SC
Dhaka Office Web Development Team



At Mr. Marketing, our goal is to run the digital part of your business and to run it just like we would if it were our own business so it makes money online. Unlike some marketing agencies that just resell a collection of products, we have developed our own unique solutions and they really work! If you don’t believe us, see what our clients are saying.

Yes, absolutely! It’s never too late to learn about the power of SEO, especially if you are an older business owner looking to catch up to your competition. It would be our pleasure to hop on a call so that we can help give you a basic understanding of how SEO works, and how Mr. Marketing can take your business to a new level of success. In fact, we offer a customized digital marketing package called Local Magic, which includes digital marketing coaching at no additional cost to you. With Local Magic, you can continue to learn about the world of digital marketing while we grow your online presence and drive new leads to your website.

We have been in business since 2010, after the President of Mr. Marketing, Matt Rubin decided to make a name for himself as a business owner after years of in-house SEO consulting. Originally called Matthew B. Rubin Marketing Services, LLC., Mr. Marketing experienced substantial growth in 2012, after putting an emphasis on helping small businesses grow their Local SEO. It was during this same year that Google’s technology changed, and with that change came new additions to the Mr. Marketing team. Now celebrating more than a decade in business, Mr. Marketing has offices in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Quezon City, Philippines.